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Bingo Patterns Variations

The following bingo patterns are examples of more popular ones. There are many possible bingo card patterns that can be played and there are also bingo cards that have the pattern already marked/highlighted. These bingo cards have three basic designations:

  • Static or standard bingo patterns. These bingo patterns cannot be moved or shifted on the Bingo card and are won only when every square of the pattern that is marked/highlighted on the card is covered.
  • Crazy bingo patterns. These bingo cards allow the pattern to be rotated in 90 degree increments for a winning bingo pattern match (by 90�, 180� or 270�).
  • Wild bingo patterns. These bingo cards have scattered patterns. The bingo pattern stays in the same place (static) but can be located anywhere on the card.

Letter C Bingo Pattern.
Letter C

Letter O Bingo Pattern.
Letter O

Letter Y Bingo Pattern.
Letter Y

Postage Stamp Bingo Pattern.
Postage stamp
Any corner

Bingo four Corners Pattern.
Four corners

Six Pack Pattern.

Inside Picture Frame Pattern.
Inside picture

Mini Full House Pattern.
Mini full house

Bingo Letter E Bingo Pattern.
Letter E

Bingo Letter T Bingo Pattern.
Letter T

Straight Line Across Pattern.
Straight line across
Any line

Double Postage Stamp Bingo Pattern.
Double stamps
Any corners

4 Corners and a Postage Stamp Pattern.
Four corners and
stamp. Any corner

Nine Pack Pattern.

Outside Picture Frame Pattern.
Outside picture

Picnic Table Bingo Pattern.
Picnic table

Bingo Letter F Bingo Pattern.
Letter F

Bingo Letter U Bingo Pattern.
Letter U

Straight Line Down Pattern.
Straight line down
Any line

Triple Postage Stamp Pattern.
Triple stamps
Any corners

Inside Four Corners.
Four corners

Inside Diamond Pattern.
Inside diamond

Open House Bingo Pattern.
Open house
Any square

Kite Pattern.
Any direction

Bingo Letter N Bingo Pattern.
Letter N

Bingo Letter X Bingo Pattern.
Letter X

Bingo Diagonal Bingo Pattern.
Any direction

Bingo Clover Leaf Bingo Pattern.
Clover leaf
4 postage stamps

Bingo Plus Sign Bingo Pattern.
Plus sign

Bingo Outside Diamond Bingo Pattern.
Outside diamond

Bingo Full House Bingo Pattern.
Full house
Coverall, Blackout

Letter L (any way) Bingo Pattern.
Letter L
Any way